Tributes to Councillor Reg Flint

It is with a degree of sadness that we record the death of Reg Flint, a councillor who faithfully served on Bitteswell with Bittesby Parish Council for upwards of 25 years. I say with a degree of sadness, as he attained the age of 92, and, although physically rather frail towards the end of his life, his brain remained as active as ever.

His Funeral Service at St. Mary's Church, and the wake afterwards at the Grey Goose, went like clockwork as we would expect from someone who knew precisely what he wanted.

Reg was tenacious and determined with a brilliant command of the English language, and high expectations. Many a Secretary of State, Member of Parliament, Council Officer or Business Director must have quaked in their boots on receiving one of Reg's missives. A simple acknowledgement would not suffice!

Not many of us would wade through hundreds of pages of planning regulations, but Reg would. His understanding of such matters was astonishing. The decimation of trees in the village was also something which Reg felt strongly about, somewhat perversely as he always requested 'hard' copies of every document.

Under it all, Reg was a devoted family man, very kind hearted and a true gentleman.

We will miss you Reg and extend our sympathy to Pauline and all the family.

Posted: Mon, 09 May 2022 15:48 by Cathy Walsh

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