Rogue Trading Incident

Rogue Trading Incident

❗️Doorstep alert❗️

Reports have been received that rogue traders are currently working in the Groby and Melton Mowbray areas. It is likely that they will try to obtain work in surrounding areas of the county, so we are warning residents to be aware.

These traders have been offering to carry out work on properties including jet washing, sealing driveways and work on roofs. A verbal price is agreed for a cash payment which may then increase. The work is often of little value, if required at all.

Please ensure that if you are wanting some work carried out on your property, that you obtain at least 3 quotes, do not agree to any work on your doorstep, obtain full details of the company, the work and price in writing and never pay in cash.

To report an incident or to receive advice and guidance, please call 0808 223 1133

Posted: Sun, 07 Jun 2020 10:41 by Cathy Walsh

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