Bitteswell with Bittesby Parish Neighbourhood Plan Pre-Submission Draft, April 2021


Comments are invited on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan for Bitteswell between

5th April & 23rd May 2021

A hard copy of the draft plan is available to view and to make comment on by contacting the Neighbourhood Plan Clerk at

Please note appendices A and B are not part of the pre-submission documents and will be completed with the submission once the consultation period ends.

What is Neighbourhood Planning?

Our Neighbourhood Plan cannot prevent development but it can set out what type of development is appropriate and where it should be situated.

Neighbourhood Plans have a statutory status, which means that any decisions made on planning applications by Harborough District Council would need to take the Bitteswell Neighbourhood Plan into consideration.

Our Plan will ensure that the needs, views and priorities of our local community are fully considered when assessing future planning applications and proposed developments within our area.

Why does it matter?

Neighbourhood planning is a process designed to enable local communities to influence development and planning within the area in which they live and work.

In this context development doesn't just mean more houses, but includes planning for shops, businesses, community facilities and transport. Neighbourhood planning enables people to help shape the place in which they live.

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